Saturday, October 31, 2020


European stocks close lower on Covid alert, U.S. upgrade; Logitech hops 16%

European stocks shut generally lower on Tuesday, as worries about the Covid in Europe, and a cutoff time for U.S. financial improvement to be concurred, burdened market slant.

Jacinda Ardern leads ahead with Labour Party.

Making a historious victory once again, Jacinda Ardern has proved herself to be the 'head of New Zealand'. The PM(40) will continue the journey of making a 'free coronavirus nation' as done...

US election 2020: Who do Russia, China, and Iran want to win?

Will the Kremlin be trying to "Keep America Great"? Is Beijing rooting for Biden? These questions are on the minds of the US intelligence community in the run-up to...

Millions of new jobs could be created if governments spend more, says IMF

The IMF predicted in June a contraction of 4.9% in global GDP (gross domestic product) for 2020 — but the fall could be even higher as many governments are now dealing with...

Hydrogen-powered trains get the green light as Siemens Energy and Mobility sign a joint agreement

Siemens shareholders voted to spin off the industrial giant’s energy business back in July.The last few weeks have seen several interesting developments in the field of hydrogen powered transport.

EU lawmakers write a letter to Amazon’s Jeff Bezos asking him if the company is spying on them

Members of the European Parliament have written to Amazon boss Jeff Bezos asking if his company is hiring intelligence agents to spy on politicians, trade unionists, and members of staff.The letter comes...

Latest articles from around the world

In acess of 80 Million Cast Votes In Early Voting In US

More than 80 million Americans have cast ballots in the U.S. presidential election, according to a tally on Thursday from the U.S....

File new discrimination lawsuit at McDonald’s by Black franchisees

McDonald’s had a great hit on Thursday with a potentially multi-billion-dollar lawsuit by Black franchise owners who accused the fast-food giant of...

Starbucks earnings reached top estimates as sales recover quicker than await in U.S. , China

Sales in the U.S. and China are recovering from the coronavirus pandemic more quickly than expected, helping global same-store sales shrink just...

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